Ctrl Z is a collective digital arts exhibition that features our final dissertations and respective artistic projects. Every artist has personally designed and curated a variety of elements that come together in an intricate and meticulously planned art project, that is backed by thorough research in the respective field. No two projects are the same, as each revolves around a subject that the artist is personally passionate in pursuing, expressed through their preferred medium/media of choice.

The exhibition as a whole features a wide range of themes, amongst which are explored the topics of identity, duality, homelessness, LGBT relationships, video game and film adaptations, VR and fashion. There is an over-arching theme of questioning and delving into that which is deeply and innately human.

Ctrl Z is an opportunity for each artist to showcase their skillset through a project they believe in, and which is the culmination of a year’s worth of trial and error, research, and dedication.