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Andrew Inguanez

Bejn Sema u Ilma

‘Bejn Sema u Ilma’ investigates the complex relationship between places and people - how place influences our sense of identity and how human beings alter and impact place and landscape. This is achieved through the performative act of walking, sensorial experiences and place-interactions within the chosen place - il-Blata tal-Melħ in Malta. This particular place was chosen due to its proximity to home. Unplanned walks and interactions with the landscape led to generating different layers of information, mainly footage, sounds, photographs, objects and writings. These were collected directly from or created within the chosen place.

As a reference to Robert Smithson’s earthworks, mirrors were used to interact with the landscape and to open the conversation about the body and place in collaboration with each other. Ultimately, this project synthesises visual, auditory, tactile and written forms of communication to reveal layers of meaning about the complexities in the relationship between places and people, and the synergy that exists between the two.

Check out the links below to view my 4-part project, consisting of the short film, a visual essay, and a collection of photographs and objects!

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