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Bjorn Micallef

Animals as Humans - Another World

This project practices the design of anthropomorphic animal charaters and is aimed at examining the societal implications of another world inhabited by multiple species intelligent animals within a historical context. It may be surprising to see that the process is very similar to that of humans, even if the social issues that arises from this scenario are most likely to be exaggerated froms of what human beings have to contend with.
Anthropomorphism has been practiced since the beginning of human history. It has been done to great lengths to non-human entities such as animals and even inanimate objects. Even though animals are the subject to anthropomorphism in a lot of media, this phenomenon explores humanity much more than it does examine the animals subject to this experience. It is for this reason that this study is not necessarily just a study of character design and the attribution of human traits on animals, but a gateway to study the human condition.

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