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Francesca Falzon

Museum Chase

Museum Chase is a board game based on Palazzo Falson in Mdina. Also known as The Norman House, it is one of the most culturally rich and interesting house museums on the island. It boasts a large collection of over 3000 pieces collected by Captain Olof Gollcher, a generous shipping merchant and artist with an interest in history and a passion for archaeology.

By incorporating facts and illustrations of the house and the artefacts into the game, players will be learning about the historical house whilst playing. The cards, which are an essential piece to the game’s dynamic, bestow penalties or rewards earned by answering a trivia question correctly. The standees are based on people who were related to Palazzo Falson or Gollcher, they are: a member of La Confraternita della Pipa (artist group), L’Isle Adam, Gollcher’s mother Elisa Balbi, Captain Gollcher himself, his wife Theresa (Nella) Prior and the butler of the Palazzo.

Below you can see concept art for the game, 3D mockups showing how the game would look if produced, as well as a demo of the gameplay.

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