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Jerome Micallef

Micro-Dwellings for Student Housing

The idea behind creating a student complex was to primarily design minimalistic, contemporary and comfortable micro-dwellings for foreign students who attend the University of Malta. Having an internal space of just 27 square meters, each unit was carefully planned to incorporate several multi-functional pieces of furniture to make best use of the space provided. Although the project’s deliverable was initially intended on the creation of designing the ideal dwelling, this gradually developed into the need of another building to cater for the individual specific needs of the students which came to light following a focus group.

As rent in Malta remains a very expensive commodity, this project will provide students, dwellings which are affordable to rent for medium to long lets. Based on a modular design, these units will address and cater for as many students’ requirements as possible through a carefully planned design that ensures maximisation of space within the limited footprint available.

Whilst hoping this brochure meets the expectations of projecting a close virtual image of the final design, it should be noted that any architectural plan renders or sketches were done through the knowledge, research and studies I conducted personally from books or the internet.

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