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Braydon Grima

Acknowledging Time

‘Acknowledging Time’ is a visual representation of life that seeks to question and understand the nature of subjective duration. The triptych is centred around the notion that time over a lifespan is felt to pass faster as one advances in age. The project was initially prompted by several remarks made by people that are older than I – stating that time will increasingly slip away and pass unnoticed. This necessitated the deconstruction of subjective time in order to identify what influences and constitutes a person’s experience and awareness of duration. Information processing and emotions were thus identified as being the main factors that determine how we recall a period through memory. Depending on the intensity of one’s memories, time is felt to either expand or contract.

Ultimately, the project seeks to represent the importance of novelty in our lives. The first panel of this triptych artwork represents raw data from a local sample of 141 participants (ages 18-72). The data is presented through a visual language that in turn showcases how our subjective perception of time changes and evolves. In fact, when examining the individual responses, one can start identifying commonalities and differences between participants.

The second and third panel of the triptych are connected to one another and they seek to communicate the interplay between routine and novelty through a visual narrative. The narration displays the influence first/new memories have on subjective perception in contrast to excessive work and lack of change.

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