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Daniela Baldacchino

'Nista' Niftakar?'

‘Nista’ Niftakar?’ is a project that explores how the use of selected imagery and music pieces can improve older peoples’ memory. This project makes use of strong artistic elements, such as distorted images and a puzzle to represent the feelings that come as memory declines. The photographs create a sense of confusion, nostalgia, and also the reconstruction of memory. Each image depicts objects that had significant value to my grandmother. Through these distorted images viewers are encouraged to look deeper into the art pieces and experience the confusion people feel as memory declines. Moreover, an interactive puzzle portraying an old woman was created. This allows viewers to construct and deconstruct the puzzle pieces enabling them to understand the effect of loss and gain of a person’s memory. A video accompanied by classical music was also created to demonstrate how the audience can interact with the puzzle. The music evokes a feeling of calmness along with the possibility of music being beneficial to help people recall memories.

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