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Emma Venables

The Swing Set Senses

'The Swing Set Senses' is a multi-media interactive sculpture concerning the main five human senses; sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. The work is a playfully obscure amalgamation of the senses that focuses on the artistic representation of their individual functionality along with their collaboration. This concept explores the oscillation between the real and surreal, utilising the senses to personify the swings, transforming a passive object into a perceivably active one. The movement of the swings highlights the flow between the stimuli, the senses, and the brain. The sense organs are depicted on separate swing seats with their respective chains overlapping representing their collaboration along with the influence of each sense on the other. When one swing seat moves so do the others. With this also allowing whoever is prompting the swings to act as the stimuli for the senses. The final piece produced holds an immersive multi-sensory element as it presents the opportunity for it to be experienced though multiple senses.

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