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Adreana Gravino

Dress Code

"Dress Code" is a short film tackling the concept of non-binary fashion. It is a visual battle with regards to individuality irrespective of gender, and hence a play on masculinity and femininity. This work dives into the ongoing combat between ‘nature versus nurture’ and how individuals are stereotypically placed into one single role, based not only on their biology and upbringing but also, on how they perceive themselves. It is a dance including gender and androgyny in relation to the role of fashion, clothing and one’s outwardly creativity. In this study, what one is accustomed to in a society will be broken down and swapped with the opposing ideal. This fashion film seeks to bring about a new perspective on individuality.

Inspired by the work of Stanley Kubrick, this self-portrait film moves through different scenic depictions of multiple characters portraying typical gendered characteristics and clothing, with a twist.

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