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Francesco Vella

Unconscious Realities

This dissertation mainly aims to explore Freud’s views on dreams and the unconscious, and their connections with the art movement of Surrealism. This research also aims to explore artists that have used new methods and techniques to explore Surrealism through technology. This study has found that for an art to be surreal, the artwork itself has to be different and unique, and has to be created by using an automatic and random method produced through the artist’s unconscious.

This project is a program that consists of two parts, a small quiz which is timed and a random generated surreal collage. The timed quiz resembles Freud's Free Association technique where an answer needs to be given without a lot of thought. The result is influenced by what the surrealists used to do in their artworks.

To try the program and find your unconscious surreal dream click on the link below.

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