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What if humans had no genitals ?

This exhibit revolves around this one line concept of a genderless utopia. It promotes and displays the ambiguous by encouraging creative and critical reflection in order to resist and challenge stereotypical definitions. The intention is to create an immersive environment where the presence of the viewer and the art itself can intertwine and exist on another level of shared intimacy. This installation attempts to stimulate an emotional response by curating a narrative and its final display. This altered state begins upon entering the Changing Room. A secluded place, aimed to give the viewer a moment of isolation and privacy. You are asked to leave your genitals behind, as it is crucial to have a clear mindset before entering the exhibit. The project is offering an alternative perspective, an illusionary reality intended to avoid black and white answers, while simultaneously revealing the in-between shades of grey to show how complex reality can be.

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