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Maria Degiorgio

Maltese Cultural Product Design

'Restoring the Maltese Cultural Identity through Product Design' is about exploring how to visually design for Malta and how to address the locals cultural identity. The project is based on taking a contemporary approach to design by creating Maltese inspired everyday artefacts that are affordable and accessible, embracing the Maltese cultural identity through everyday surrounding interior objects. Visual research was collected and documented in the publication ‘Maltese Inspired Design’ tackling projects and works that have explored Maltese Identity through the visual design elements, subject matters and signifiers.

The colour palette was inspired from the latest trends in fashion and interior design which are aimed at attracting Millennials - being my target audience and the main segment and the majority of today’s market.

The design takes an abstract line work approach to the signifier, which was based on the reference of the organic line as a reoccurring principal of design element and characteristic associated with traditional Maltese identity.

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